About Us

Chilley Farm has been in the Plumley family for about 400 years and has seen many changes through the generations. The farm is now run by John and Angie Plumley. Chilley Farm until August 1999 had been a Dairy farm but due to changes in the market and the demise of the Milk Marketing Board the business, along with several others in the country, became unviable and the cows were sold. The farm was rented out briefly to a neighbour before John and Angie decided they wanted to make a go at farming. They started with a few sheep, pigs and cattle which were butchered and sold in meat packs to friends, neighbours and family. As this grew they decided to go one step further and build a shop.

April 2003 saw the grand opening and it was a huge success almost selling out of meat on the first day! Over the next 5 years the business grew and now the shop is in a converted stable block with a large fresh meat display along with an open plan kitchen in which lots of other delights are made and prepared daily.

All the animals at Chilley Farm are bred and reared on the farm to the highest welfare standards. The Farm is a member of the Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb Association. Old fashioned native breeds of cattle, sheep and pigs are used as they are most suited to our land on the Pevensey Marshes and because of their slower growth rates are of much fuller flavour than most breeds used in farming today. The animals are fed on home produced food all year around and the farm has not used sprays or fertilizers for the last 10 years, all the animals are additive free and none of the meat has anything added to it.

The animals travel approximately 9 miles to slaughter before being returned to Chilley farm to be cut and processed.

There are two full time butchers who can help advise and can prepare whatever is required.