There are several key elements to cooking a good steak but they may not be 100% obvious.

Seasoning your Steak

how to cook a steakSeasoning your steak is surely a must, but when should you season the steak and what with? Well for simplicity we like just salt and pepper, but it is actually quite important to add these at the right time.

The salt should be added about an hour before you cook the steak or just as you add it to the griddle. There are scientific reasons why you should do it this way and believe me it will make as difference. I suppose it depends on how much time you have to plan and prepare; if you have time then salting the steak on both sides and leaving it in the fridge over night is suspposed to be even better. If you have this luxury of time make sure you dont take the steak straight out of the fridge and put it on the griddle, let it get to room temperatire before cooking it.

Pepper and other seasoning is best added towards the end of the cooking process, this way the seasoning and in particular the pepper doesnt get burnt.

What should I cook it in?

how to cook a steakhow you plan to cook the steak, ideally a good steak should be cooked on a hot heat, you can fry it, grill it and barbecue it and I am sure there are plenty of other ways to cook it, but one constant is HEAT, however you cook your steak it needs to be on a hot heat.

We prefer a heavy griddle and this should be preheated until it is very hot, don’t make the mistake of putting your steak on when the pan isnt hot enough.


Cooking instructions

how to cook a steakIf you don’t like the fat on your steak leave it on while cooking and remove it once the meat has rested; this way you will get all the flavour.

Make sure your griddle or pan is large enough, if you are cooking lots of steak dont try and squeeze them all in at once, you will need to let the rest after cooking so you have plenty of time to cook them all properly.

Its also important that the steak should only be turned once to really enjoy its full flavour, so dont fiddle with it; add it to the heat and leave it then turn it just the once.

We like our steak medium-rare so we are going to leave it on the griddle for 2 or 3 minutes, then turn it and leave it again for a further 2 or 3 minutes. The cooking time does depend on how thick your steak is and also what type of steak it is.

So how do I know if its cooked how I like it?

how to cook a steakAs we mentioned we like our steak medium-rare, but how do you know when its cooked that way, ideally you dont want to have cut it open to check and the times we have suggested above can vary depending on the size of the size and type of steak.

There are a few guidlines that you can use to help. When you think your steak is cooked press your finger into the centre of the steak, if its rare it will be soft, a medium-rare steak will have more of a bounce to it, a bit more resitance and a well done steak will be firm to the touch.

Patience you are almost there…

Dont forget once your steak is cooked let it rest, don’t serve it straight away. Take it out of the pan and leave it for 5 minutes at room temperature before serving.

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