Braising steak

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Great in a lovely winter casserole with dumplings!

Price per kg £11.49

No longer available

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Price per kg £11.49

Like stewing steak but more tender, braising steak is normally cut from the fore quarter and is another favourite for casseroles and warm winter dinners.

All the beef is additive free and where possible it is of Sussex or Sussex cross and Aberdeen Angus cross. The Sussex bullock is well adapted to the Pevensey marshes and produces a lovely flavoured beef with a creamy fat. We hang our beef for a minimum of three weeks in the cold room before cutting it, four where possible. This helps the beef to mature and brings out the flavour as well as tenderising it, the flavour speaks for itself.

All cuts of beef are available and we also make a tasty beef and mustard sausage. Homemade beef burgers are also available; they contain 100% minced beef with onion and seasoning, no additives and no preservatives.

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