Large Meat Pack

No longer available

Enough for a large family and then some…

No longer available

Product Description

This meat pack is designed to feed a large family for more than one week. It has all choices of meat including bacon and our famous traditional sausages. All can be frozen if necessary, if you choose this pack and want to save some for the next week.

This meat pack consists of:

4lb Mature Topside Joint
4lb Leg of Pork Joint
1 x 6lb Chicken
4 x 10oz Pork chops
4 x 8oz Rump Steaks
4 x 6oz Ribeye Steaks
8 x 4oz Lamb Chops
1.5lb Traditional Sausages
1 lb Dry Cured Back Bacon.

Additional Information

Weight 11.112 kg