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Shoulder of pork

Shoulder of pork

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A succulent joint, perfect for a Sunday lunch treat!

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Product Description

Price per kg £9.19

The shoulder of pork is always fattier than other cuts of pork, due to where it comes from. However it is a very versatile piece of pork and ideal for really slow roasting as the fat will keep it moist and succulent.

Cook it on a rack over a long period of time at a low heat and the fat will render down leaving you with a wonderful lean joint of meat.

All of our pork comes from Field Place Farm, a Family run farm in the heart of mid Sussex. They have been breeding and rearing pigs on their farm since the 1960`s.

Breed is based on Large white/ Landrace mother crossed with a commercial boar. All replacements are bred on farm and they are classified as a high health unit. The pigs are fed on home grown cereals grown under FABBL farm assurance scheme. The pigs are all bedded on home grown straw. All manure goes back into the soil to feed the crops reducing the need for fertilizers.

In all they produce fantastic pork to the highest of welfare standards which is reflected in the quality and taste of the product which we are proud to sell it at Chilley Farm.

We make all our own sausages and cure all of our own bacon. The bacon and ham is traditionally dry cured and has a wonderful flavour. We sell cooked ham as well. We also have our own smokery and can smoke anything you like not only pork we smoke cheese, chicken, salmon and salt beef.

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