Whole chicken

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Almost everyone loves chicken- this is a very economical way of buying it.

Price per kg £6.73

No longer available

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Price per kg £6.73

This is a great choice for either a nice traditional Sunday lunch or else you can very easily cook a whole chicken mid-week to enjoy with whatever accompaniments you would like. Great if slicedĀ  with salad and new potatoes! It is also a cheap way of buying all the cuts of chicken.

Our chickens come from a farm 4 miles away and are additive free as well. They are of excellent quality and full of flavour. Again the flavour speaks for itself.

The chicks come in as day olds at the end of July and then we rear them to finish weight. These are again additive free and full of flavour. Again they are hung for fourteen days to improve flavour and tenderness.

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