A Whole lamb

Whole lambs

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Beautifully tender, our lambs are cut to order.

No longer available

Product Description

Our home reared whole lambs can be butchered to your requirements.

Our lamb is all free range and additive free, with the ewes coming indoors for about 5 weeks a year to lamb. They are mainly Kent and Suffolk. The rams are Texel cross Dorset Down so the end product is mainly a hardy lamb that takes slightly longer to finish than some of the more modern breeds but are very well suited to the Pevensey marshes and are of better flavour.

your whole Lamb will include the following:

2 Whole legs (each enough for 6-8 people)
– Each can be left whole, cut into 2 joints, boned and rolled or cut into steaks
2 whole shoulders (each enough for 4 people)
– Can be left whole, cut in half or boned and rolled. Can also be chopped up for stewing.
2 necks of Lamb
– Can have as a neck fillet or left on the bone and chopped for stewing.
24 Lamb chops
12 x best end chops and 12 x lamb chops
– Can also have as Rack of lamb or crown roast and can be cut as single or double chops
2 breasts of lamb
– Can have rolled for roasting or chopped for roasting or stewing
2 chumps
– Can be left whole for roasting or cut for chops/steaks
Approximately 500gms liver sliced