Whole Turkey

Whole turkey

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A lovely joint with less fat than chicken and perfect for your family Christmas celebrations.

Its worth taking a look at the cooking instruictions we have aded below to help you buy the right size Turkey.

No longer available

Product Description

A turkey isn’t just for Christmas… we supply many customers with turkeys throughout the year, as it is an economical way of having a lovely juicy bird with all the benefits of Christmas cooking all year round!

Chilley Farm Turkey`s are reared on the farm from day old chicks. They are a wild breed of bronze Turkey that have superior flavour and texture. They are slow growing and mature over several months without additives or growth promoters. The birds are hand plucked and hung in a chiller for 2 weeks to enhance the flavour before being prepared for sale.

They are all wrapped and boxed to ensure they are protected during transport and reach you in perfect condition. Our Turkeys have a much quicker cooking time than a traditional white Turkey so they all come with cooking advice to help ensure you make the most of your Christmas Meal.

You will find that we are extremely competitive on price and will struggle to find this quality of Turkey cheaper elsewhere.


Chilley Farm Turkey cooking instructions.

cooked turkeyThe turkey should be removed from the fridge/chiller and left to stand at room temperature for two hours before cooking. We recommend that the Turkey is not stuffed but you can season the back of the turkey with salt and pepper.

The Turkey should be cooked breast down in a roasting tin to allow the fat and juices to run through the breast keeping it moist and flavoursome.

The oven should be pre heated to 180c (gas mark4)

Approximate cooking times (without tinfoil or stuffing)
4kg oven ready 2hrs
6kg oven ready 2.5hrs
8kg oven ready 3hrs
10kg oven ready 3.5hrs

cooked-turkey1Half an hour before the end of cooking the turkey should be turned over to brown the breast, you can season the breast with salt and pepper at this point.

These are only guidelines and it is best to check with a skewer that the juices from the thigh run clear. If they are pink in colour then put back in the oven and check again after 10 minutes.

The Turkey should be left to rest for 45 to 60 minutes before carving… Enjoy!